Learning Math and Coding with Robots


This activity portal allows C-STEM instructors to more effectively conduct their teaching by managing their classes and pre-loading their student activities.

This is also a place where C-STEM instructors share their resources for a variety of robotics, coding, math, science, and art activities with the growing RoboBlockly user community.

Click Class Management to manage your classes, create student accounts and groups, assign homework, grade student submitted homework with statistics analysis for grades, use class and assignment templates, and share classes and assignments with other teachers.

Click Search Activity to search or see a full list of all the activities that have been shared. If you sign in, you can also Download and Copy activities on this page.

Click Create Activity to create activities for your students to work on and share with others.

Click Edit My Activity to edit your previously created activity.

If you are a C-STEM instructor, you can sign in to:

(1) Manage Classes.

(2) Create Activity.

(3) Download and Copy Activity.

(4) Edit and Delete My Activity.

(5) View and run solutions for activities in blocks.

(6) Download complete descriptions in Word or PDF file for activities.

(7) Send comments and suggestions for activities to the activity creators.

If you are students of a C-STEM instructor, you can sign in to:

(1) Complete your homework assignment and get feedback from your teacher.